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Companies specializing in the production and operation of a variety of galvanized corrugated nails, ordinary round nails, cement nails, rubbing nails and other products. Products are exported to Africa, Asia and other countries and regions. My company to the quality of life, depending on the customer for God, for your dedicated service. Welcome to visit our friends, guidance and business negotiation!

Main: 8-13 grade corrugated nails, nails a variety of specifications, oil felt nails, thread nails, cement nails, the annual output of 10,000 tons, welcomed the new and old customers patrons.
The factory can handle all kinds of commodity inspection, certificate and other certificates.
Specific prices according to raw materials at any time change
Gaomi City Xinyuan Hardware Products Factory has a set of professional nail production line, for the introduction of advanced plastic packaging technology sealing, sealing does not leak, see details
Bag inverted vertical, jitter will not leak nails.