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Characteristics of screw
Apr 12, 2016

1, compared with the sliding screw drive torque 1/3

Due to the screw of the ball screw shaft and screw nut rolling movement has a lot of balls in between, so it can get higher campaign efficiency. Compared with past sliding screw drive torque 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same results as using the scroll bar screw 1/3. Very helpful in terms of power.

2, high precision guarantee

Ball screws are generally produced the highest level of machinery and equipment consistent with the world, especially in grinding, assembling, checking each process plant environment, strict control of temperature, humidity, due to perfect quality management system accuracy can be fully guaranteed.

3, micro-feed possible

Ball screw is use ball bearing movement, so the starting torque is extremely small, sliding crawling behavior does not occur, can guarantee the precision of micro feed.

4, backlash-free, high rigidity

Ball screw can be added to the pressure, because the negative pressure axial clearance can be reached, and get higher rigidity (ball screw through to the ball and pressure, when in actual use of mechanical devices such as, due to the repulsion of the ball screw can be stiffer).

5, feed

Ball screw because the high efficiency, small heat, so high speed feed (movement).