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Classification of studs for football boots
Apr 12, 2016

1, broken nails

So-called of broken spikes is in football shoes of bottom full has dense many of small nail, these nail compared of short, probably in 3-4 mm around, maximum of role is increased anti-sliding sex, on high-speed, and high against situation Xia of outbreak sex no too big of help, so broken nail football shoes compared for in land Shang or is grass compared short of artificial lawn Shang using. 2, plastic spikes

This shoe spikes than in the 13-20 range, round nail knife nail, tacks about 1 cm or so in length. This soccer shoe is the most mainstream of soccer shoes. International football matches now than on this is to wear these shoes.

3, nail shoes

With plastic nail this soccer shoe is basically no different than football, and is the sole spikes are made of metal, if nails of steel spikes are removed, studs can be reloaded repeatedly. The advantages of this soccer shoe that can be repeatedly used, and more substantial. But, it sure is sneakers to sink. So few people use steel nail shoes.

4, flat shoes

This is no studs for football boots soles, is made of tendon end of this soccer shoe is mainly played for flooring and concrete floor.