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Classification of the daily nail and use
Apr 12, 2016

1, the common round nails: nail wood.

2, nail: machine nailed, nailed wood (arranged as close as a staple, but be straight).

3, floors: floors special.

4, screw: surface rifling-like thread, but not to spin into the Widget, but tapping with a hammer nails, is mainly used for boxes and other large wooden structures with

5, ring nails: mainly used for Fiberboard, gypsum board panels.

6, concrete steel nails for concrete walls, the ground connection to the surface materials.

7, nail: bullet-driven into the concrete wall, and even into the cast iron with nails

8, soak nails decoration nail fastening for soft package, such as sofas, made drums with nails.

9, nail staplers

10, horseback nails: (similar to the staple nail) used in corrugated boxes

11, those nails: making wooden clamps

12, cm nails (a head is straight, a 90 degree bend, but is pointed at both ends) wooden clamps

13, Spike: cross sections are square

14, roofing nails: for connecting wood and asbestos, plastics tile fixing, name: dogbane roofing nails, an umbrella hat, dogbane. Surface galvanized according to rod have no spiral, can be divided into galvanized roofing nails and galvanized roofing nails in two ways.