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Normal use need to learn more about the requirements for roofing nail
Apr 12, 2016

Better fix the roofing nails used when, then galvanized corrugated nailed anti-corrosion better life is more longer, so that roofing nails must have the following skills, detail below and find out.

Roofing nails unique in their materials. These nails are almost always made of galvanized or aluminum. Add a thin layer of galvanized steel or zinc, Iron nails and prevents it from rusting, aluminum used for the same reason. Roofing nails must withstand many years of rain, snow, and weather. Rust is not a good idea, not only because it can shorten your life, but also because it may lead to unsightly stains on the roof. Many roofing nails with screw threads. These characteristics help to catch, usually in the roofing material installed, run out or become loose and help prevent a nail in wood