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Roofing nails, among other nails what's the difference?
Apr 12, 2016

Types and uses of commonly used in home decoration nail

1. roofing nails: used to connect the wood members, as well as asbestos, plastic tiles fixed:

2. Steel Nails mainly used in the cement wall, ground connection to the surface materials and infrastructure fixed. Nail strength, not rust, normal walls do not drill holes, easy to use, but cost is high, fewer models, has little decoration.

3. Round nails: mainly used in infrastructure fixed. Round nail strength, rust, you must drill holes use and low price, the whole model, use more.

4. Straight nails mainly used for surface plates fixed. Need special nail gun, low prices, easy to rust, but also improve efficiency, use more. Fix nail holes surface plate is not easy to see that not only reduces the difficulty of painting in the late, adding decorative effect.

5. Peg: mainly used for grass-roots veneer fixed. Need to use special grain nail gun, low prices, no rust.

6. Insulation nails: also known as expansion screws (bolts). Principle is through extrusion of the inner bolts that bolt outer ring tube (or the like) to outer deformation (expansion), deformation and more crowded, the greater, finally fixed inside the hole. Bolted to attention: 1) hole diameter and the difference between the outer diameter of the tube must not be too large; 2) material should not be too soft.

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