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Tips for repairing roofing nails nail holes
Apr 12, 2016

First, liquid nails, also known as nail-free glue, is a functional structure with strong adhesion glue. Liquid nails has the following characteristics:

1, can bond almost all building materials;

2, bonding results are stable and durable;

3, fast curing;

4, flexible and can move with the contraction of the buildings and mobile;

5, can be used for sealing purposes;

6, will not shrink after drying caved in, paint, paint on;

7, winter weather and convenient and easy to use, even the adhesive moist wood.

Second, spackling compound using a small amount of lacquer base, a lot of filler and the right amount of colouring pigment, and paints used mainly iron oxide, carbon black, chrome yellow, and so on. Filler is mainly calcium carbonate, talc, etc. To fill local dimpled surface, also available in all scraping on the surface, usually in the primer dry, applying the primer layer surface.

Roofing nails pulled out and then be sure to use the above method to fill. Otherwise it will look ugly.