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Use a nail gun what should I pay attention?
Apr 12, 2016

1. the use of nail guns, there must be a trained qualified personnel to operate, according to regulations drive

Sequence operation, ban shooting indiscriminately.

2. the nail gun should be inspected before use, if there is fault should be repaired in time, ill use is strictly prohibited.

3. thin and light when a nail on the wall the wall, to be sent to check on the situation around, it

No one can operate.

4. after launching, nail Cap not to leave out of the fasteners, case situations, with less powerful

The nail bombs were shot.

5. after each operation must be checked and a kerosene soaked, oil storage.

6. nail gun when a bomb or other failure occurs, you should immediately stop using, safety measures taken by

Professional maintenance, no guns on personnel maintenance. Nail guns are dangerous, every time limit if, and to designated personnel for safekeeping.