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A Fine Stick-shaped Object Made From Common Iron Nail
Jun 08, 2017

  A fine stick-shaped object made from Common Iron Nail. One end has a flat head, and the other end is sharp, mainly fixed or connected, can also be used to hang items.

  The commonly used sizes are: 2 inch: 50mm 2 inch: 60mm 4 inch: 100mm iron nails are divided into many kinds, commonly used have common iron nails, cement steel nails,Common Iron Nail shot nails, roll nails.

  General Iron Nail Properties, functions, the use of common nails: ordinary polished nails, galvanized iron Nails English Name: Common Nail Material: low carbon steel Q195, Q215, Q235 specification: 2 X 25mm ", 2.5x50mm", 3.4x65mm. 5 "4 X 75m", 4.5x 100mm ", 4.5x125mm" Packing: Inside plastic bag, outer carton. 5 kg/box, 25 box/carton, 25 kg/carton bulk. Performance: Toughness bending degree of Seper, surface after polishing or electroplating, strong corrosion resistance rust resistance.

  Common nail making process: The garden nails are made of high quality wire rods and then processed. Spec.: 9.52mm 88.90mm

  Common Nails Product Features: Flat cap, round rod, diamond tip, smooth surface, rust-proof strength.

  Product use: Applicable to soft and hard wood, bamboo devices, ordinary plastic, wall foundry, repair furniture, packaging boxes and so on. Widely used in construction,Common Iron Nail decoration, decoration, decoration industry