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A Great Knowledge Of Iron Nails Fastened To The Wood
Jun 21, 2017

  A great knowledge of iron nails fastened to the wood

  Iron nails fixed on the wood side of a lot of knowledge, we come together to study the nails fixed on the wood side of the mosaic, there are different places.

  The process principle of plastic formwork engineering

  The plastic formwork support system sets the impression advantage of large steel formwork and the wood formwork is easy to support and flexible. The splicing of the plastic formwork can be directly fixed on the wood side of the splicing method. According to the size of concrete components with a variety of models in the longitudinal,iron nails horizontal and arbitrary connection combination, construction convenience, through the use of special fixture lock, so that the size of concrete forming more accurate. Through the use of plastic templates, the quality of concrete appearance can be more easily guaranteed, construction operations than steel templates, wood templates, bamboo templates more convenient.

  Second, low foam multi-layer plastic building formwork production process and operating points

  Low foam multi-layer plastic building template production process and operating points belong to the product patents, and has been identified through scientific and technological achievements. Plastic building formwork support process as shown in Figure 3.

  Split mode:

  1. Control the time of disassembly. It will cause the wall concrete to die too early, and when the concrete is completely solidified,iron nails the pouring concrete will be separated from the formwork automatically, and the demoulding process is quicker and easier.

  2, the demolition template must have the construction Technology department signed a demolition order, without permission is strictly prohibited to dismantle the mold.

  3, the demolition of the bottom mold must carry out the Gb50204 concrete structure engineering construction quality acceptance code stipulation,iron nails the work team must carry on the disassembly mold request by the Project Department technical person to approve the rear may dismantle.

  4, formwork engineering work should follow the support module and disassembly by a work team to carry out the operation, should follow the stent to remove the lateral support, after the vertical support and other principles.

  5, plastic template after the work surface clean,iron nails no ash and other waste, and concrete contact surface without brushing release agent.

  III. Materials and equipment

  Material Preparation: Low foam multi-layer plastic building formwork, channel steel, angle steel, wood square, nails, bolts, rebar, sponge bar.