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A Wide Variety Of Steel Nails
Jun 21, 2017

  A wide variety of steel nails, different shapes, depending on the use of the purpose and requirements of the choice. The main varieties are round nails, flat head nails, flat nails, square nails, triangular nails, horse nails, twist nails, nail, cement nails, flattening nails, linoleum nails, corrugated nails and so on. Common steel nails are shown in the picture. The name is generally according to shape, use or nail fixation method (such as nail), also according to the surface has no coating to distinguish (such as galvanized nails, smooth nails, etc.). The most widely used, the largest dosage is general use common round nails.

  Steel nails also known as iron nails, hot-rolled low carbon wire rod cold drawn into the raw material, by the nail machine processing. The strength is generally 500. The specification of the round nails is indicated by the length and diameter of the nail rod. There are standard and heavy. Length series for 10 200n, diameter series of 0. Munse 6.5mm.

  Apply to the nail head buried in the wood, for floor nails, furniture nails, wood mold nails and so on. Flat nails, often used in construction projects and packing boxes, the head plane large, nails into the wood easy to pull. Corrugated nails, the surface by galvanized and passivation, bright color, no rust, nail and nail body riveting, mainly used for the tail tile fixed. Riding nails, used for fixed metal mesh, barbed wire, structural frame and so on. Triangle nails, is a kind of special-shaped nails, nail rod is shaped, commonly known as fish tail nails, mainly used in sofas, agricultural tools and other structures fixed. Square Nails, nail rods for the square, mainly used to nail solid after the force is not easy to rotate the object, such as to repair wooden boats and build bridges. Cement nails, used for nailing cement components, cement brick walls, with high carbon quality carbon structural steel manufacturing, with high strength and hardness, series length of 19 102mm, diameter of 2.5.5mm. The nail is a new kind of steel nail. Shot nails have general shot nails, threaded nails, with holes shot nails, special shot nails, high-speed shot nails and so on. Nail fastening Technology is the use of nail gun, nail projectile and nail, will be fixed to the different materials of the matrix (generally concrete or steel). A lot of parts suitable for the use of nail tightening technology, the use of nail fastening technology for important parts, usually through calculation to ensure safe and reliable. A screw with a screw thread in the head is actually a special purpose screws with ejection technology, and the end part can be fixed with a washer and tightened with a nut. Shot nails because of easy to use, safe and reliable, is a modern building commonly used steel nails, the current rapid development, there are more than 10 series of nearly hundred varieties.