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Ball Bearing Of The Screw, Nut And Advantages
Apr 12, 2016

1) high transmission efficiency

Ball screw transmission efficiency is very high, up to 92%-98%, 2 ~ 4 times times the ordinary screw

2) high positioning accuracy and repeatability positioning accuracy

Slide the screw ball screw drive torque reduced to about 1/3, heating rates significantly reduced, temperature-rise decreasing. when ball screws are installed and take measures such as to preload to eliminate axial clearance. ball screws with high positioning accuracy and repeatability.

3) long service life

Ball screws are made of high quality alloy steel, the Raceway surface quenched hardness after heat treatment up to 60 ~ like HRC, its actual life expectancy far above the sliding screw, so as to make up for the shortcomings of their manufacturing costs are higher than the sliding screw.

4) high stiffness

After tightening, the ball screw axial clearance can be eliminated, improve the rigidity of the system.

5) reversible

Ball screw eliminates creeping phenomenon that may occur during the transmission process can be realized to convert rotary motion into linear motion or convert a linear motion to rotary motion and power transmission in two ways.