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Dry Wall Nail Purchase Standard Which
Jul 05, 2017

  Dry wall nail purchase standard which

  In the construction and decoration industry, nails are indispensable work tools. Dry wall nail is one of the more widely used, as a fastener product line is a very important category, in the installation of ceiling ceiling, gypsum board and lightweight partitions and other widely used. So for everyone more concerned about the issue, dry wall nail purchase standard which?

  Dry wall nail buy standard:

  1, professional manufacturers production. To install the effect is good, dry wall nail quality is extremely important, so need to choose the professional manufacturers of products. As the dry wall nail more than 80% of the demand concentrated in the 3.5x25 this one specification. So at the beginning of the selection this requires extra attention.

  2, the head to round. This is also a common standard for all round screws, because the production process problems, many manufacturers produce dry wall nail head may not be very round, some even slightly square. The problem is that after the screw can not be completely matched with the gypsum board.

  3, pointed to sharp. Especially when you are on the light steel keel. Dry wall nail sharp corners generally require 22 to 26 degrees, requiring the head sharp corners full, can not have dragging silk, cracking phenomenon. This "tip" is the most important for dry wall nails, because the use of dry wall nails is not prefabricated holes, directly screwed into, so the tip also bear the drill through the function. Especially when used in light steel keel, the bad tip will lead to drilling does not go directly affect the use. According to national standards, wall panels nail to be able to drill in 1 second through the 6mm iron plate.

  4, the thread to be vertical. The easiest way to judge whether a dry-wall nail is eccentric is to place the ball down on the table to see if the thread is vertical and to be in the middle of the head. If the screws are eccentric, the problem is that when the power tool is screwed into, the long screws are especially so.

  5, cross the trough to stay in the center of the round. Otherwise the situation mentioned above is the same.