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How Does The Nail Appear In The Wood Connection?
Aug 11, 2017

  How does the nail appear in the wood connection?

  How does the corrosion of the nails in the wood linkage cause any dangerous situation? How does the nail break in the wood connection? How to solve these potential hazards?

  Nails in the water conditions are more prone to corrosion. The wood structure has a more common phenomenon - guilty tide. The so-called prison is the emergence of water, then the corrosion will have the conditions.

  Outdoor wooden balconies and stairs collapsed instantly, causing casualties. People always thought that the wood rotten sake. In fact, this is mainly caused by nail corrosion caused by the disaster. The corrosion of the nail mainly occurs at the site where the nail connects the inner surface of the wood structure. When the wood moisture content of more than 18%, the corrosion of nails less than 11%, then the safety value; moisture content close to saturation, the wood within the free space becomes very small, oxygen content also To reduce the corrosive effect.

  Nail Corrosion With the decomposition of the surrounding wood, iron ions catalyze the wood and degradation, accelerating the propagation of wood fungi, so that the wood is soft.

  There are three ways to prevent nail corrosion: 1, to maintain the wood structure connection interface in a dry state. 2, the use of non-corrosive nails

  Such as: stainless steel or copper nails. The wood structure for anti-corrosion treatment.

  Nails are generally not easy to be corroded, but does not rule out the situation of Faust. Steel nails or metal, and iron is still relatively high, to prevent rusting nails is also worthy of attention.