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How Nails Are Used As A Shelf
Jul 18, 2017

  How nails are used as a shelf

  An ordinary nail, far more than you only think of the usefulness, in life, nail clever use of ubiquitous, how to use iron nails to replace the shelf? This you know? Nail manufacturers now teach you, How wonderful nails, so that nails full use.

  Materials and methods: the selection of each length of 1.20 meters of iron bars (diameter 6'smm). Each top twisted into the side of the type of design, the lower end of the grinding wheel can be used, according to the needs and length can be the same number of root.

  The following should tell you the use of nails. It can replace the shelf, according to the required column height, the rest into the ground. Two relative, put a piece of bamboo or bamboo bar.

  Friends, do not know if you read the above nails wonderful use is gaining, sentiment, as long as you pay attention to every thing in your daily life, even if it is subtle things, observe its characteristics, will find it Can also play a useful place.