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How To Effectively Prevent Nail Rust
Nov 03, 2017

In the life of iron nails everywhere, how to effectively prevent rust nails also became a problem that can not be ignored, the following nail nails manufacturers to share with you about commonly used methods to prevent nails rusting, I hope everyone will be helpful.

First, the composition of the alloy, to change the internal structure of the iron.For example, chromium, nickel and other metals into ordinary steel made of stainless steel, greatly increased the anti-rust ability of steel products.

Second, covering the protective layer on the surface of iron products is a common and important method to prevent rusting of iron products.According to the different composition of the protective layer, can be divided into the following categories:

1. In the iron surface coated with mineral oil, paint or firing enamel, spray, etc. For example: cars, buckets and other paint often; the machine often coated mineral oil.

2. On the steel surface by electroplating, hot-dip and other methods coated with a layer of metal is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent iron products And water, air and other material contact and rust.

3. Chemical methods to make the surface of iron products generate a dense and stable oxide film to prevent rusting of iron products.

Third, to keep the iron surface clean and dry iron products is also a good way to prevent rust.

Fourth, wrapped with plastic film to prevent nail rust

1. Oil rust, this method is too greasy and polluting, not only not beautiful, but also the anti-rust effect is not satisfactory. Rusty oil rust effect is lower than the desiccant and traditional paper packaging, and the higher cost.

2. Rust-proof paper rust: rust-proof paper is an economical, environmentally friendly anti-rust packaging material for small iron or non-metallic parts packaging, transportation, storage; anti-rust effect more quickly, Easy to use. With the best moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion function. Also has a long anti-rust, safe to use, beautiful packaging, low cost and other characteristics, has been widely used at home and abroad to become an indispensable industrial products and parts packaging rust-proof materials, for the machining sector between the process and storage Rust is very suitable.

In fact, iron nails if you do some preventive measures in advance rust, it will not be so easy to rust.

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