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How To Use Nails As Racks
Nov 03, 2017

An ordinary nail, far more than just the usefulness you think of, in life, clever use of nails everywhere, how to use iron nails to replace the bar? This you know? Nail manufacturers begin to teach you, How to use nails, make full use of nails.

Material and Method: Each round iron rod (diameter 6'smm) with a length of 1.20m is selected. Each upper end is twisted into a skewed sample, and the lower end is grinded with a grinding wheel. The same number of roots can be made according to the needs and the length.

Here to tell you the use of nail nails. It can replace the racks, according to the desired column height, the rest of the nail into the ground. Two opposite, put a piece of bamboo or bamboo fence above.

My friends, I do not know if I saw the above iron nail magical gains, some insight, as long as you pay attention to every thing in their daily lives, even if it is subtle things, observe its characteristics, it will find it Can also be useful.

What is the biggest difference between nails and nails? What is the difference between nails and nails? Some people may say that this is not easy, nails are made of steel; Nails are made of iron. The answer is really so simple? Nail manufacturers to a mystery.

Steel nails used to nail objects solid wire products. Widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, civil and other aspects, mainly for the axial separation force of small radial shearing force is not fixed, with simple processing, easy to use, fast nailing and so on.

Iron nails made of iron stick objects. One end has a flat head, the other end is sharp, mainly from the role of fixed or connected, can also be used to hang items.

To distinguish from the hardness: steel nails hardness; nails hardness, for wood, soil material;

Nails and nail is the biggest difference between the use of the difference

Iron nails are generally used for the connection of wooden parts, it is made of ordinary low-carbon steel, simple processing, low cost

The material used for steel nail can be quenched to improve its strength and hardness, the processing is relatively complicated and the production cost is also high, because of its high strength and hardness, it can be used for the connection of metal parts, the connection of metal parts and concrete and bricks.