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It Is A Question Of How To Avoid Cement-steel Nails From Damaging Walls
Aug 11, 2017

  It is a question of how to avoid cement-steel nails from damaging walls. When we decorate the new house, we always want to put something on the wall, so how to avoid the failure of cement steel nails to destroy the wall this is a problem, how to solve it?

  There are many kinds of nails in the market, what kind of nails are called cement nails, what are the terms of cement nails? Cement nails, commonly known as steel nails, is a nail, the use of carbon steel production, material has no. 45th steel or 60th, after wire drawing, annealing, nail, quenching and other processing process, so the texture is relatively hard. Its function is nailed to some hard other nails not nailed on the object, because the material and ordinary nails are very different, is a special nail. The hardness of cement nails is very big, coarse and short, cancellated ability is very strong.

  When you order cement nails, you will inevitably destroy the wall, a woman has made a difficult, she said home want to hang some decorative painting, hammer cement nails, if the knock is crooked, the wall is easy to drop a small piece, want to know those measures can avoid knocking nails without damaging the wall?

  Nail before, in the place to nail a piece of plastic tape paper, 10*10 centimeters around, pay attention to and the wall completely sticky, after the nail is torn off on the line. You can also use a drill to drill a small hole (oblique down) through the whitewash layer and then nail the nail.