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Silicon Bronze Gripfast Nail (ring shank nail)
Jun 01, 2016

Basic Info

Material:Silicon BronzeType:Countersunk Head
Head Style:RoundStandard:DIN, GB, ANSI, BSW
Specification:make to orderTrademark:Yushung
Origin:ChinaHS Code:74153390
Production Capacity:60 Tons/Month

Raw material: C65500 /C65100 silicon bronze
Ring shanks provide better holding power than ordinary smooth shank nails.
Silicon bronze ring shank nails are commonly used in wood boat construction and repair. They will not rust or corrode in marine use.

Please choose which you need as follows:
1/2" x 15g
5/8" x 14G
3/4" x 14G
7/8" x 14G
1" x 14G
1-1/4" x 14G
1-1/2" x 14G
3/4" x 12g
1" x 12g
1-1/4" x 12g
1-1/2" x 12g
1-3/4" x 12g
2" x 12g
2-1/2" x 12g
1" x 10g
1-1/4" x 10g
1-1/2" x 10g
1-3/4" x 10g
2" x 10g
2-1/2" x 10g
3" x 10g
2" x 8g
2-1/2" x 8g
3" x 8g
3-1/2" x 8g
4" x 6g
Min order: 50kgs for each items.