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Special Steel Nail Construction Should Pay Attention To What
Jul 18, 2017

  Special steel nail construction should pay attention to what

  Special steel nail construction to pay attention to what? Now the industry, special steel nail application industry more and more, including construction, decoration and other industries, these are applied to the special steel nail high strength and toughness characteristics.

  So the construction of special nails will become very important, the construction time, we must grasp the necessary precautions, can only do more with less.

  1, the depth of penetration: 20-30mm concrete; brick masonry 30-50mm; thin steel plate thickness of 1-3.5mm

  2, it is best to use steel wire clamps nail hit, or the first nail in a small piece of wood, and then nail into the collective, hand to seize the nail percussion, should prevent the fingers.

  3, percussion when hard to use, it is best to use a little hammer (or hammer), hit the force to be large, the number of times as little as possible, the last knock into the depth of the depth should be deep.

  4, nail high (200 # or more) concrete, if conditions, choose a hole drilling, the depth of the nail into the depth of 1 / 5-1 / 3

  5, percussion to prevent the nail flying