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The Correct Way To Deal With Rusty Nails?
Jun 21, 2017

  The correct way to deal with rusty nails?

  I. Introduction of Treatment methods

  1, Rusty iron nails If you do not pay attention to it will be easy to stick to the foot, puncture wound infection probability is very large, especially in the summer when the high temperature needs our attention. We began to need to deal with the wounds in a timely manner, with disinfectant or blue syrup to puncture the wounds of the timely disinfection, and must not meet the wound cold water;

  2, we use disinfectant to clean the wound, after the use of disinfectant powder and other drugs on its bandaging, bandaging not too strict, to loose comfortable tail, bandaged wound feet best not wear shoes, lest because of the closed environment caused the wound two times infection;

  3, if we see that the wound appears swollen symptoms, we can eat some anti-inflammatory drugs, if the symptom is more serious, need to go to the hospital immediately inject tetanus antitoxin, thereby preventing further deterioration of the symptoms.

  Second, rusty iron nail to the foot after the special noteworthy matters:

  The wound site must not be stained with the raw, the cleaning of the wound needs to be timely and thorough, timely observation of the symptoms of the wound, especially the symptoms of swelling, for possible problems, please seek medical attention in time to avoid more serious problems. Above is the group of cement nail manufacturers to introduce some of the treatment methods, want to learn more relevant information, please pay attention to our site more content.