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The Development Of Nail Making Industry
Aug 11, 2017

  The development of nail making industry

  With the rapid development of China's economy, many industries have achieved good results, but for the machinery production and processing industry, in the past development, our country's technology development still has certain space, through some data we can understand, our country's nail equipment industry in the international technology contrast, the technology application is later than the developed country 3-5 years, can see, our country's nail-making equipment industry development, but also must devote more energy. This is true for every nail manufacturer. Below we can make a more specific introduction to you through technical analysis and market outlook.

  Technical analysis

  China has now adopted the development of equipment according to the international market mature, many of our domestic enterprises are actively absorbing and applying foreign technology, at present, China's nail equipment production, has been keeping up with the world's mainstream technology. 1. First of all, automatic technology access, automatic technology using the digital control of electrical appliances, can be based on the production needs of the site adjustment. Can automatically judge the short cut points, automatic feeding, production is very convenient, saving a large number of labor, and production speed, product standards Unified, Good quality. 2: The addition of multi-function technology, equipment design reasonable, the overall structure of compact, integrated a variety of nail body production technology, the use of universal equipment design, can be used for round nails equipment, equipment, nail machine equipment unified use, and production technology does not affect, stable performance.

  Market Prospects

  China's market structure is relatively stable, a large part of the export of foreign trade, domestic supply and demand trend is relatively stable, on the one hand, China's industrial market has not appeared too big economic impact and currency tension. With the upgrade of the labor force, but in the technological improvement of China, the use of more advanced technology, through the reduction of cost control of market prices.