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The Process Of Common Iron Nail Manufacturing
Jun 08, 2017

  The process of Common Iron Nail Manufacturing

  Nail production process is mainly wire drawing, cold heading, polishing and other processes, nail production process is relatively simple. Nail Production Raw material is a disk round, that is, the round bar, after drawing, pull out the nail rod diameter, and then after the cold heading, make nails of the tail and tip, and then polishing treatment, is finished. These processes can be added if the surface of the nail is to be plated or blackened.

  Common nails are fine stick-shaped objects made of iron. One end has a flat head, and the other end is sharp, mainly fixed or connected, can also be used to hang items.

  Iron nails are divided into many kinds, commonly used have common iron nails, felt nails, cement steel nails, headless nails, shot nails, roll nails. The surface has galvanized, copper plating, etc., according to the actual needs to choose.