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The Use Of Cement Nails In Our Daily Life Is Already Very Common
Jul 31, 2017

  The use of cement nails in our daily life is already very common, but when we use cement nails, for example, when we let the nails be fixed on concrete or other hard objects, they will encounter nails, So how do we deal with it? Maybe many people will think of drilling with a drill hole, that drill hole is how to deal with it?

  We generally like the cement nails called steel nails, nails are mainly made of carbon steel, the biggest feature of this material is the hardness, penetration, and can not easily deformed. If we encounter cement staples do not go in the situation, usually we will use the impact drill first make a hole, and then cut and the hole is almost a small knock into the wood, and then nail into the nail, there are ready-made expansion screws do not wood.

  Here we have a small manufacturer of cement nail manufacturers need to introduce a little about the knowledge of the drill, its main working principle is the rotation of the cutting, and the use of the operator's thrust to carry holes, usually mainly used in the brick, concrete and other hardness Of the object, if there is steel, it is recommended to use the drill with caution.