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What Kind Of Nails Are Needed In The Decoration?
Jul 05, 2017

  What kind of nails are needed in the decoration?

  Although the nail looks humble, but its role is great, as a small hardware, all walks of life are indispensable it, especially in the decoration. Most of the decoration problems are not very understanding, especially related to the specific types of nails, such as commonly used cement nails and floor nails, it is a fog, so in the decoration will inevitably be not professional decoration staff 忽悠, What kind of nails do you need to decorate? Below let the cement nail manufacturers to tell us about it in detail.

  (A) cement nails

  The length of the nail in the 22 ~ 130 mm between the diameter of 2.66-5.39 mm between the use of high-quality steel made of decoration is essential to a class of nails can be directly into the wall.

  (2) nail

  The nail can not be used manually and must be equipped with a special nail gun. Its skill is very strong, you can install the object or decoration materials directly into the concrete or steel.

  (C) twist nails

  The length of the spike nails is generally between 49-90mm, and the nail is a hemp pattern, which is usually used in small and medium-sized ceilings.

  (4) core pulling aluminum rivets

  Core pulling aluminum rivets are also known as core pulling nails, pull nails. In the decoration and decoration commonly used in large quantities of aluminum alloy doors and windows riveting pieces fastening.

  (5) Pinning

  The length of the spine is generally between 30-140mm, the shape of the two dates of the date of the nucleus, it is also known as olive nails, This kind of nail office decoration company uses more, usually used for the stitch between the boards.

  (6) tapping screws

  The length of the tapping screw is between 5 and 12 mm and the diameter is between 2 and 6 mm. Because of its high hardness, long pitch, it can be directly in the borehole attack screw groove, and remove a tapping process. In the office decoration for the installation of soft metal plate, thin iron plate connection and the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows.