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You Do Not Know The Concrete Nails!
Apr 12, 2016

Now, with the construction industry development, to the development of the hardware industry is very good actually, especially if you often use concrete nails, with the improvement of technology, have been recognized by many.

Now with the constant perfection of shelter materials, concrete nail in very large, it's unique performance characteristics to win market recognition, we work together to analyze the material of concrete nails. Concrete nails, commonly known as nail, nail, using carbon steel production, material steel steel 45th and 60th, after wire drawing, annealing, nail, hardening processing, so the texture is firmer. Its function is to nail in some quite hard on the other nails do not object. Because the material is much different than common nails, are special nails.

Hardness of cement nails is very large, thick and short, strong ability to achieve. Are many types of cement nails can be divided into: 1 concrete nails nail bar huagan, vertical stripes, Twill, spiral, bamboo, and other general common is ruled or huagan. 2, cement nails can be divided into: black nails, cement blue, color cement-cement screw, countersunk head cement concrete nails, k nail, t cement nails, galvanized concrete nails concrete nails is a development product in the market.